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Dutch Pearls Block Printed Notebook


Perfect for journaling, taking notes, doodling, or writing your favorite quotes, these notebooks are available eight marvelous colors with grid, lines, or blank interiors.

This design comes from over a century ago on a paper used as endpapers in a 1908 Amsterdam binding. The compelling simplicity of the design shows how the design world was transforming from very ornate Victorian designs to design which is more open and fluid. Each cover is individually relief printed from a hand inked magnesium plate, harking back to the letterpress era. The texture can be felt, giving the notebooks a tactile immediacy. Rounded corners keep these notebooks from catching on things when you’re tucking them into your bag.

Read our blog post on this design.

The paper is sourced from French Paper Company. Read more about French Paper Company and our materials.

Notebooks are letterpress printed and labels are hand-stamped in house.


48 pages, 70# text

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