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French Pinwheel Block Printed Sheet


This design originates in 18th Century France, and designs like this were called Papier Dominote. France was an active producer of these patterned papers, which were used as end sheets in books, coverings for books, and wallpaper. Papers like this would be printed one at a time on a hand press on hand carved wooden blocks. The Block would have been inked with a thin paste-based ink, the paper laid on top, and the pressure applied would be from a barren or a muller.

Our block printed papers use archival oil-based inks, and are placed in a press. Essentially the process is the same, with a few alterations. They are printed by hand in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

We use Khadi Papers for our block printed designs. Read more about Khadi Papers and our materials.

Sheets are block printed in-house.

Dimensions: 11.8×15.75 inches

Weight: 100gsm

Grain Direction: Short

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