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MOON Herbal Tea


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Deep nutrition + ritual for the menstruating body

Classic uterine tonic, raspberry leaf, is combined with mineral-rich nettles and clover to support vitality of the reproductive system and lessen menstrual cramps, while nerve-nourishing lemonbalm supports you through PMS.
This blend is intended to be drank each day during the week before you bleed. We recommend steeping overnight and adding honey to taste. If you enjoy peppermint, consider making a separate batch of peppermint tea (steep for ~15 minutes) and add to long-brewed (4+ hours) MOON tea.

Flavor: slightly sweet and green flavors of leafy herbs combine with subtle hints of lemonbalm and peppermint

Ingredients: red raspberry leaf, stinging nettle leaf, red clover flowers + leaf, lemonbalm leaf, peppermint leaf

Comes in a 1.25 oz commercially-compostable bag.

All herbs in this product were grown by us using beyond organic growing methods on our small farm in Appalachian hills of Kentucky.


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