Reusable Ripstop Tote – Dream Houseplants


Reusable tote made with ripstop technology for holding your groceries, flowers, snacks, etc. for years to come.

6 in stock (can be backordered)

Size: 20.375″ W x 25.875″ H x 5″

Shirk plastic bags with a little extra flair. Ripstop technology means these bags are harder to tear and if your adventures happen to cause a rip, the fabric won’t fray and your bag will be saved. This bag folds up into an attached pouch when not in use so you can take it easily wherever you go! Plus when unfolded, that small pouch becomes a functional pocket. Bonus!

Designed with some of my favorite houseplants in mind — well, really my dream houseplants since I don’t have all of these thriving in my home just yet.

These bags are made in Mexico in a factory by workers who are paid well, treated fairly, and work safely. Manufactured in small batches specifically for Cayligraphy.

Items used to style this tote (shirt, hat, soap, stickers, flowers, etc.) are not included. (But can be found in The Olive Branch in Wilmore, Kentucky!)


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