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Roots Grounding Aromatherapy Roll-On


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Roots is a woodsy escape in a bottle. Subtle, light, earthy and soothing – this blend is your friend when you are in need of ease, grounding, and calm.

What we love about aromatherapy is how they double as a tool for emotional wellness AND a natural perfume or cologne. Roots is a crowd pleasure for both men and women.

APPLY: on your wrists, chest, or rub between your palms and take a few deep breaths – rubbing the rest wherever you wish.

PACKAGING: 10ml clear glass bottle with stainless steel roll-on ball.

INGREDIENTS: organic fractionated coconut oil, propertiary essential oil blend of: lavender, cedarwood (Atlas), arborvitae, ho wood, helichrysum.

SOURCING: The essential oils are high-quality, organic essential oils from farm to bottle.


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