Big Ol Stack of Books Vinyl Sticker


Doesn’t that just look like an afternoon that’s about to be well spent? Give me a big ol stack of books and a growing plant that I haven’t killed yet and I’m so IN.

58 in stock (can be backordered)

• Size: 2.15″ x 3″
• Durable vinyl
• Adventure safe
• Heatproof, weatherproof, fadeproof for up to 5 years
• Original handdrawn design

As a part of the Love Your Mother program, your purchase helps to plant trees in reforestation projects. Every two stickers sold plants a tree! If you have location requests, add a note to your order and I’d be more than happy to plant them there if I can. Read more about my Love Your Mother program and follow along with #theyearof3000trees here!

Contact me for orders over 25.


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