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Heart Aromatherapy Bath Soak


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HEART is floral and sweet, warming and earthy. Supportive in all matters of the heart (emotional), she’s always there for you when you’re in need of loving-kindness and compassion.

INTENTION: Promote a sense of joy, comfort, and uplift. Use this aromatherapy bath soak to soothe both your body and mind.

GIVE BACK: This blend was created in memory of Lacey Jean, our creator’s twin sister, who died of a congenital heart disease. 10% of every Heart purchase is donated to The Heartest Yard, which is a Charlotte, NC initiative that supports families of babies affected by congenital heart disease. Thank you for supporting a cause dear to our heart.

INGREDIENTS: Pink Himalayan Sea Salt (extracted from mines by hand in Pakistan), propertiary essential oil blend of: vetiver, ylang ylang, clary sage, geranium

SOURCING: Always fair-trade and sustainably sourced and organic.

SIZE: 3oz


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