Reishi Latte Mix


100 in stock

13 Servings per bag

Powered by these vital Ingredients to make your next Life-changing hot tonic or smoothie
Raw Organic Heirloom Ecuadorian Cacao
High Altitude – Hand Harvested Peruvian Maca
Immune boosting, Heart Healing Reishi Mushroom Ancient Chinese Herb is also known as an Adaptogen
Ancient Chinese Herb He Shou Wu (foti root) used for longevity, & liver cleansing; also known as an Adaptogen
Warming Aromatics notes of iron-rich dark chocolate
The Perfect immune boosting exliar to start your day
Our team of health experts has crafted a blend of adaptogen plant ingredients to help you get the most from your day and everything in it. This Reshi Latte Adaptogen Boost has everything your body needs and your taste buds crave. Pass it on.


Utterly Adaptable

The Reishi Latte blend is a highly flexible blend, perfect to suit varied lifestyles. From frozen smoothies, hot reishi latte, or an addition to your morning coffee – whatever you’re craving, the Reishi Latte Adaptogenic provides.


+ Powerful dose of stamina, energy levels, and libido boosters

+ Excellent support to maintain healthy skin

+ Great for post-workout fatigue

+ Improves immunity defense

+ Helps the body resist stressors of all kinds


Raw Maca*, Raw cacao*, He Shou Wu, Reishi, Cinnamon*, Vanilla*, Ginger*


How To Use
Enjoy Hot
Add 3 tbs of Reishi Latte Adaptogen Boost to your hot water or coffee, plus a Tbs of Coconut Oil & enjoy (Blend for extra creaminess & froth)

Enjoy Cold
Blend together 3 tbs of Reishi Latte Adaptogen Boost, to coffee or add frozen fruit, ice, and your favorite non-dairy liquid blend until smooth & enjoy


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